Thank you for your interest in our Early Career grants. This grant helps facilitate the development of young researchers just starting their careers as independent investigators. If you're interested in applying, please review the requirements:

  • Be IASP members
  • Be within 6 years of having received their final degree or completing professional and specialty training
  • Be initiating their career as an independent investigator (not under supervision of a senior scientist)
  • Not have been the recipient of a grant that provides support equal to or greater than the IASP Early Career Research Grant
  • Not be in a leadership position such as a current professor or associate professor

For full guidelines and information, please visit our website

The My Letter to Pain campaign will assist physicians in utilizing their patients’ words to understand their pain, how it impacts their lives, and how they respond to treatment. This campaign aims to bridge the gap between the lived experience of pain and pain research by inviting those with the lived experience to answer a two-part questionnaire. IASP hopes the campaign and stories will:

  • Create educational information to help those living with pain. 
  • Provide individuals the opportunity to tell their stories and express their feelings freely and openly. 
  • Lead to greater communication between individuals and groups across the pain community. 
  • Identify directions for future programming and communication efforts. 

Each submission remains anonymous unless the submitter chooses to share their details or present. 

The first 200 people to take part in the My Letter to Pain Campaign by 14 April will be entered to win one of the following prizes:

  • One of 4 $250 USD Amazon Gift Cards
  • One of 20 $100 USD Amazon Gift Cards
  • One-year subscription to PAIN Reports
  • One-year IASP membership and access to all member benefits
  • One 2024 World Congress on Pain full registration

For more information, please visit our website.

International Association for the Study of Pain