The purpose of the My Letter to Pain initiative is to highlight and increase understanding of the different experiences of pain, told from the lived experience of pain perspective. To accomplish this goal the Global Alliance of Partners for Pain Advocacy (GAPPA) are inviting people living with pain to submit their stories/letters about pain. It is our hope that collecting and highlighting stories of pain will: 

  • Provide individuals the opportunity to tell their story and express their feelings freely and openly
  • Lead to greater communication between individuals and groups across the pain community
  • Identify directions for future programming and communication efforts

Our intent is for your Letter to Pain submission to be a written expression of your experience with pain. We included prompting questions below to help you get started writing your letter, but you are not required to use them. There are also places to freely write your story or upload a file if you have a pre-written story.

Submissions will be collected anonymously, on a rolling basis. A selection of stories will be selected to appear on the GAPPA website and in GAPPA social media. All stories will be published anonymously unless you choose otherwise. 

We encourage you to submit your Letter to Pain below. If you'd like to learn more about GAPPA and our mission, please click here.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for your interest in the Non-Human Pain Trainee Research Project Award. This award supports training in all aspects of pain research in non-human species, particularly in basic and clinical research into the recognition and mitigation of pain and discomfort in animals, and the use of spontaneous animal disease as a model for studying mechanisms and the alleviation of human pain. At the time of application applicants should be:

  • IASP Trainee Members and Non-Human Pain SIG members at the time of applying.
  • Be generally be in an early stage of his or her career.
  • The selected applicant must provide a proof of student/trainee status (e.g. Masters/PhD student, DVM undergraduate, Veterinary or Clinical Research resident or related discipline.
  • Mentors to have active members of IASP or in good standing at the time of applying.

For full guidelines and additional information, please visit the website.

2022 is the Global Year for Translating Pain Knowledge to Practice. During this global year, IASP aims to disseminate the knowledge that has been gained in research – spanning the spectrum of investigations from molecules to the patient in his or her biopsychosocial context pain – to researchers, clinicians, multidisciplinary healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. 

The goals of the 2022 Global Year are to communicate our accumulating knowledge about pain from the recent past, distribute successful translation stories as well as lessons learned and shine light on the challenges in designing new and more predictive pre-clinical studies and novel approaches to overcome them towards conducting more effective clinical trials.

We invite you to submit your proposal for a webinar related to the translation of pain knowledget to practice. 

Global Year webinars are generally 60 or 90 minutes and include 15-20 minutes of live Q&A. Webinars have anywhere from 2-5 speakers. Proposals with speakers from different countries and a collaboration between basic and clinicial science will be prioritized.  In addition, webinars should have speakers from a variety of specialities, disciplines, and career stages.

We would appreciate if your proposal includes a moderator, but if you do not have one a member of the Global Year Task Force or an IASP staff member can serve as a moderator.

All proposals submitted are subject to approval by the Global Year Task Force and IASP. Scheduling of the webinar is subject to availability.